News 2017

Engineering team wins VgV competition for sewage plant Langballig

On 17th August the engineering team enwacon / atd GmbH presented themselves at the waterwaste committee of Langballig and Westerholz. They also pointed out possible concepts for the extension of the pond treatment plant towards a technical sewage plant

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Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new waste water treatment plant in Revkuhl by local OE Nordschwansen / 2.5 million euro investment

Plantings of more than a year has finally been completed and at the groundbreaking of the WWTP Revkuhl a comprehensive modernization has begun. By October / November the new construction of a technical WWTP with two SBR (sequentially fed reactor) and a sludge storage facility should be finalized. Then the over 30 years old pond clarification system with ventilation will be history.

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Planing contract of Wesermünde water association for energy optimization at the sewage treatment plant in Bad Bederkesa

enwacon is planning to renew the compressor station and the aeration system, including the EMSR technology for the future energy optimization of KA Bad Bederkesa, for the client Wasserverband Wesermünde

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