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Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new waste water treatment plant in Revkuhl by local OE Nordschwansen / 2.5 million euro investment

Group photo: Committee Chairman Christian Schlömer (from the left), Office Director Gunnar Bock, Volker Starck, Frank Göbel, Jan Niklas Kotowicz (enwacon), Jan Andresen, Helge Tepperies (enwacon), Klaus Moese, Wilhelm Fülling, Mike Fülling, Alexander Schulz-Pflugbeil (enwacon) und Rainer Lange. (Photo by: Steinmetz)

Plantings of more than a year has finally been completed and at the groundbreaking of the WWTP Revkuhl a comprehensive modernization has begun. By October / November the new construction of a technical WWTP with two SBR (sequentially fed reactor) and a sludge storage facility should be finalized. Then the over 30 years old pond clarification system with ventilation will be history. The association, which now includes Karby, Dörphof and Brodersby as well as Winnemark, invests approx. 2.5 million euros. This also includes the costs of the connection of Winnemark's existing drainage network to Karlsruhe via a new pressure pipeline from Karlsburg. In November / December the release of the new pipeline will mark the completion of this work.

"We are taking a huge step," commended Rainer Lange, technical manager of the plant. By transforming the plant away from a pure pond clearing to a technical cleaning, the quality of the water in the process will improve significantly. "We will be able to ease the Baltic Sea especially during the summer," explained Lange. For example, the future limit value for the total nitrogen consumption (N total) will drop from now 50 mg / liter to 18 mg / liter, explained by engineer Alexander Schulz-Pflugbeil from "enwacon". For phosphate it is attempted to lower the value from now 7 mg / liter to 4 mg / liter. As the plant already has a UV system for the elimination of bacteria and germs, the Revkuhl facility becomes one of the most modern WWTP in the country, Schulz-Pflugbeil noted. The technical upgrading of the plant had become necessary in order to be able to meet the legally required cleaning services in the long term.

Enwacon and Jan Andresen, an engineer of the office in the construction department, have calculated and planned within the past months, as Gunnar Bock, Director of the Office, noted during the official start of the project. He and also the committee on drainage, led by Christian Schlömer (Brodersby) and Frank Göbel (Dörphof), were glad and grateful for the preliminary work. And so the representatives of the committee, the administration of the office and enwacon wished civil engineer Mike Fülling as first trade union lot of success.

Fülling had begun the civil engineering work by laying a pipeline running across the site. Two reactors each with a diameter of 18 meters and a height of six meters will be built on the site. These are used for the biological purification and clarification of the water. The plant is measured to cover 4900 inhabitants which include a larger scope. This scope is needed as the sewage will increase in summer due to tourism in the region. To this purpose, a sludge reservoir of 24 meters in diameter and a height of six meters will be established. A new "black-and-white" dressing area (for hygienic protection) is set up in the operational building. In addition, a lightweight construction will be set up to house the former workshop. Its present location within the operational building is needed for the locker room.

Starting from autumn the waste water will be led directly into the reactors via a mechanical pre-treatment including the rake. The water stays approx. eight hours in the reactor and is biologically cleaned by bacteria. Then the water reaches a clear water area, where it remains for about an hour. This clear water area will be installed in one of the existing settling ponds. An incidental pool will also be set up at this area as a temporary storage facility. The purified water is discharged into the outfall via the UV outlet ... Read more in the newspaper article (German only)