News 2019

Nordwasser has new spare power supply planned and built by means of a CHP plant on its waterworks

The central waterworks of the Nordwasser in the Hanseatic city of Rostock draws its water supply of river Warnow and processes it to become drinking water for the Hanseatic city of Rostock. At the central waterworks a backup power supply will be built as central emergency generator ensured by the construction of a CHP plant.

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First aid for children - learn to help through play

We join in!

How do I handle burns, a tick bite or poisoning? And above all, how can I help others in an emergency? The child-friendly answer to these questions was set by the “Förderverein Luftrettungszentrum Christoph 29" Hamburg e.V. and “K & L Verlag”, and an easy-to-read painting and workbook for girls and boys of primary school age was published. We think: That's a good idea!

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Kieler Woche 2019 and we took part …

Because of Kieler Woche 2019, which enabled thousands of enthusiastic sailors to sail in different boat classes from 22nd to 30th June 2019, enwacon engineers chartered the classic sailer "Ethel von Brixham“ again on 26.06.2019 - this time in addition with office partners and co-operation partners. In glorious sunshine we sailed far out of  the Kieler fjord to height "Kiel lighthouse", in order to watch the current sailing competitions.

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Extention and renovation of Waldschule Quickborn

The enwacon engineers have won the VgV competition for the expansion and renovation of the Waldschule Quickborn.

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