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First aid for children - learn to help through play

We join in!

How do I handle burns, a tick bite or poisoning? And above all, how can I help others in an emergency? The child-friendly answer to these questions was set by the “Förderverein Luftrettungszentrum Christoph 29" Hamburg e.V. and “K & L Verlag”, and an easy-to-read painting and workbook for girls and boys of primary school age was published. We think: That's a good idea!

That's why we support this project

The book with many expandable pictures transfers playful abilities to provide first aid in emergencies. It tells a story of the siblings Mario and Olivia, who lead with their dog Waldi through various episodes. On 32 pages they give tips and advices on burns, heat stroke, tick bites, poisoning or shocks. This way it provides the children with age-appropriate knowledge in order to be able to behave properly at an emergency and to call for help. Also educators, teachers and parents can discuss and practice the illustrations with the children.

With the help of many local companies, the coloring and workbooks can be distributed free of charge to elementary school children in Kiel. A commitment we are very happy to join.

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