ISO Zertifizierung
ISO Zertifizierung

Groundbreaking on November 17th 2020 to modify the B├╝ckeburg sewage treatment plant from aerobic to anaerobic sludge stabilization.
Our office enwacon was assigned by the city of B├╝ckeburg to finalize the planning, tendering and construction management for this project.
The conversion from aerobic to anaerobic sludge stabilization will enable the sewage treatment plant to generate its own electricity and heat via utilizing digester gas using a CHP unit. Therefore it became nessesary to upgrade an old rain overflow basin to the primary clarification basin, the construction of an intermediate pumping station, as well as the construction of a digestion tower reactor with gas storage and a new machine house, including technical equipment and switchgear. The aim of the project is to reduce the amount of sludge produced by the anaerobic process, a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions through self-generated electricity and the lowering of fossil electricity resources. The modification is funded by the state of Lower Saxony with EU funds.

Find further details at attached newspaper article.

Schaumburger Nachrichten, Wednesday, 18 November 2020