ISO Zertifizierung
ISO Zertifizierung

Name enwacon since 20 years!

In the year 2002, Alexander Schulz-Pflugbeil and Michael Kallweit had the idea to combine the work of a pure consultant, engineering office, and service provider and reposition themselves in the field of environmental engineering. As renewable energy and environmental protection were on the rise, the decision to phase out nuclear energy was made.

The takeover of an existing office company as part of a succession plan quickly fell through, and almost, fortunately, enwacon was founded from scratch with its profile and a handful of young, committed employees. Even if a little later the areas of planning-engineering and services-waste management were separated within the group, the name with its contents was able to realize exactly what the founders had envisioned at the time, for the intention of the engineers should already be readable in the name, as enwacon stands for ENergy WAter CONsulting.

The continuation of a successful implementation of environmental projects has established the office far beyond the north of Germany, and meanwhile, it stands on the three pillars of water-wastewater, TBE, and electrical engineering.

We as a management and interdisciplinary team look back gratefully at the last 20 years and optimistically into the future. Our attitude and motivation have proven to be profitable not only in tasks but also for our partners and clients.

As soon as it is possible again on a larger scale, we will fittingly celebrate our anniversary.