ISO Zertifizierung
ISO Zertifizierung

Inauguration of sewage treatment plant (31,000 PE) in Bückeburg

The conversion of Bückeburg sewage treatment plant to an anaerobic sludge stabilization includes the production and use of digester gas for electricity production. The structural completion at the end of 2021 was right on time to secure funding and is running extremely stable since then. A large part of the energy requirement of the plant is now generated by its own electricity.

Reason enough for the city of Bückeburg to celebrate this success properly. On June 10th 2022, numerous guests, including many interested representatives from neighboring towns with similar intentions, sience-representatives including the Suderburg University of Applied Sciences, as well as representatives from authorities and politics, came to the Bückeburg sewage treatment plant to get an impression of ​​the project.

Our office enwacon, which planned, supervised and monitored the construction work, led the interested parties in two groups through the sewage treatment plant to  explain it in more detailed. Starting at the inlet, to show the neuralgic areas of the alteration to anaerobic sludge stabilization and the newly erected structures – such as primary treatment, digestion, sludge management, gas treatment and gas utilization with associated building. Afterwards, the mayor and representatives of the city of Bückeburg gave many thanks to everyone an invited everyone into a marquee with food and drinks. There our office provided  a presentation of the project, based on technology, funding, construction process and costs.

In conclusion, all those involved agreed that such a project always represents a promising win-win project and thanks to technology and know how an sewage plant of a comparable size can have the character of imitation. Especially due to the current energy issue on the market and the associated costs, it can be worthwhile to carry out a process conversion to anaerobic sludge stabilization, which is eligible for subsidies, even in significantly smaller systems.