ISO Zertifizierung
ISO Zertifizierung

Biogas plant Eckernförde

Project description

In addition to its mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plant, the sewage treatment plant Eckernförde also operates digestion reactors at its sewage treatment plant. The wastewater treatment plant is operated as an anaerobic sludge stabilization plant. Due to its age, the digestion reactors are in need of reconstruction. In addition to a new concrete coating, digester 1 should also be completely refurbished in terms of plant technology. The gas cloche is being dismantled and instead of this we are building a completely new gas storage facility. The digester 1 receives a new rigid steel cover and the digested sludge will be mixed with a new centrally driven agitator in future. In the digester 2, the container head is completely refurbished and receives a new gas-cap made of stainless steel. Invalid pumps and agitators will also be completely replaced. A new low-pressure gas storage facility will be built for gas storage. As emergency disposal for the evacuation of excess gases, a new low-temperature gas flare plant was planned. All measuring equipment at the digester reactors will be completely renewed as well as all new structures will be connected to the overall control of the complete sewage treatment plant.

Our services:

Phase 2-9 according to HOAI 2013 for engineering structures as well as technical equipment