ISO Zertifizierung
ISO Zertifizierung

Outdoor pool Büchen

Project description

The city of Büchen has decided in 2014 to renew the building of the public outdoor pool in need of renovation. The engineering office enwacon was assigned measures to plan and project the necessary technical building equipment. The building comprises changing rooms for shower and sanitary facilities, offices, service rooms, kiosk, cash desks and technical rooms. The following asset groups from service phases 1-8 were planned:

  • Group 1: Drinking water and waste water facilities for the building, in particular sanitary facilities as well as water supply and sanitation in the area of outdoor facilities
  • Group 2: Heat supply system by an independent CHP plant for the pool for the coupling of the existing heat supply system by Hanse Natur Hamburg
  • Group 3: Ventilation systems with heat recovery to obtain the required energy certificate
  • Group 4: Power installations for the new construction of the administration building
  • Group 5: Telecommunications and information technology systems for the yield recording of existing solar thermal energy and new PV system
  • Group 7: Usage-specific installations, such as new PV system, video surveillance system and public address system
  • Plant Group 8: Building automation for the complete facilities of the administration building

Our service:

Phase 1-9 according to HOAI 2013 for technical equipment