ISO Zertifizierung
ISO Zertifizierung

Sewage Treatment Plant Hemmingstedt

Project description

Remodeling and expansion planning of the sewage plant to a 2-line SBR-plant in Hemmingstedt as general planners. The existing sewage plant as circulation tank system is operating since 25 years and can comply the required cleaning services only under immense expense and with high energy costs. The remodeling planning is taking into account the best energy yield possible and will follow the wastewater guarantee values, which lays over the required size range 2 of the sewage plant.

Remodeling of sewage plant in full operation.
Construction began in March 2013, completion in September 2014

Our services:

Phase 1 - 9 according to HOAI 2009 across all trades such as construction and EMSR technologyas well as mechanical engineering, including site supervision and property management