ISO Zertifizierung
ISO Zertifizierung

Sewage Treatment Plant Kiel-Bülk

Project description

Renovation and reconstruction of existing aerator for the 4-lines activated system on the sewage plant Kiel-Bülk (420,000 inhabitants), concerning its air routing, compressor station (turbo compressor), as well as the related control processes for oxygen, ammonium, nitrate and air volumes - and pressure-control.

The activated system is supplied unbalanced and partially insufficient with oxygen. This is partly due to the very sluggish control of the old turbo-compressor, on the other hand due to the unsatisfying air distribution line and the related control valves.

In planning a new air distribution system was designed to assure in future the supply to all areas of the activation with sufficient and necessary oxygen. Additionally new compressors with frequency operation will ensure a better control range. In future the control of the compressor as well as the regulation of the process measuring and control technology will be controlled and automated separately via a new and central PLC unit.

Our services:

Phase 2- 9 according to HOAI technical equipment (including I & C technology), and local construction management and site supervision