ISO Zertifizierung
ISO Zertifizierung

Sewage Treatment Plant Owschlag

Project description

Renovation and expansion of sewage plant Owschlag to a 2-line activated system.

During the process control of the sewage plant it has been recognized that the originally designed plant of 7,500 inhabitants with a separate stabilization no longer corresponds with the approval conforming terms and conditions.

Firstly, the separate stabilization was not in operation (partly dismantled) on the other hand, the redundancies referred to in the approved design are no longer available (replacement screen rake, emergency pond as activation etc).

A waste water register was carried out and has revealed that the sewage plant has only a force parameter of about 4,500 inhabitants and it is not to be expected that the connection rate will increase. Therefore it was planned to change the activation tank to aerobic stabilization and to keep the building structure of the sewage plant and only divided the activation in two picks, to use it as a two-line system. In addition to the remodeling, a redundancy and a screening plant, as well as a secondary sedimentation have been realized. The activation will be equipped with a new fine-air-bubble aeration.

After completion of renovation, the sewage plant will be taken into process service and operated energetically in compliances to energy costs (optimization of the aerator, recirculation etc.).

Our services:

Phase 1-8 according to HOAI of all trades, such as construction engineering and instrumentation and control technology, including construction management and site supervision, as well energetically and process-optimization