ISO Zertifizierung
ISO Zertifizierung

Sewage Treatment Plant Revkuhl-Damp

Project description

The Revkuhl sewage treatment plant dewaters directly into the Baltic Sea and has to adhere to the strict discharge criteria for bathing water. The pond sewage treatment plant is no longer able to ensure the cleaning performance, in particular the nitrogen limits (Nges), especially in the summer with strong tourism. As part of a preliminary planning, various variants were developed. Also up for discussion was to shut down the wastewater treatment plant and to pump the sewage to a larger wastewater treatment plant. However, the preliminary planning with several profitability calculations has resulted in the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant to a technical wastewater treatment plant. The SBR method was recommended as some existing ponds could be used for the process. Among others one pond will be used as a clear water storage pond, as the purified wastewater from the SBR is gushes out and cached before it continues into the outfall with a moderate flow and into the Baltic Sea. The treatment plant also has a UV treatment to cope with the viruses and germs according to EU guidelines for bathing water quality. Two SBR reactors with a diameter of approx. 19m and a height of 6.0m were planned and built. A 24m round tank with a volume of around 2.500m³ was chosen for the sludge storage facility to temporarily store sewage sludge all year round. The inlet area and the mechanical pre-cleaning were completely rebuilt. The existing utility building was completely rebuilt to a social building. A new massive engineering building was planned for the technology. The treatment plant with downstream filtration and UV treatment meets the strictest cleaning requirements and also the EU bathing water qualities.

Our services:

Phase 1-9 according to HOAI 2013 for engineering structures and technical equipment as well as construction management on site.