ISO Zertifizierung
ISO Zertifizierung

Sewage Treatment Plant Thalheim

Project description

As part of the industrial settlement of a circuit board factory in Thalheim and therefore increased wastewater volumes for this region, the ZWW as a local association offered itself to clean the industrial process water volumes as service provider for the circuit board factory. After long scientific studies and concepts, the SBR method was chosen as the appropriate procedure. The biological treatment process is operated with an additional source of carbon, and a pH-regulation by lime wash dosage. Besides to the biological treatment process, a mechanical treatment stage and sludge treatment was planned for this facility. A special feature of this plant is the integration of the existing sewage plant and the creation of a redundancy during operation and maintenance of the old system. Construction began in March 2010 and was completed in June 2012.

Our services:

Phase 4 - 7 to HOAI as specialist planners mechanical and process engineering including site management